Friday, September 23, 2011

Which favors of your Lord do you deny?

Alhamdullillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah..
Words can't express how thankful I am to Allah,
for giving me this opportunity to live.
to breathe, to smile, to laugh,
to cry, to learn, to walk,
to eat, to sleep, to talk,
to see, to feel, to stand, to sit,
to drink, to smell, to hear,
to draw, to write..

and the list goes on and on...........^_^

"Which favours of your Lord do you deny?"
(Ar-Rahman : 13)

I'm also thankful for the happy and beautiful life I had fo
r the past 18 years..
with all the special people around me..
To me, everyone that I had the chance to meet..
either in person or just from a distance,,
are special people..
and each had carved a special memory in my heart..:)

Thank you for making my life so colourful..

I'm so blessed, with what Allah had gave me..

So blessed with Islam, first and foremost..
So blessed with the life that came with Islam..
cause, I've learnt to appreciate what I have and be thankful..
and I've learnt that, even when everything seems to go wrong..
I know I'll have someone to depend on..:)

"Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah had ordained for us. He is our Lord and in Allah let the believers put their trust"
(At-Taubah 9 : 51)
My family, of course is my strength..
cause they know me the best from all people..
and I love them veryyyyyy much...<3
and I miss them so much!
Thank you Allah..for giving me such wonderful family..

This year birthday, Aiman become 18!!! to me is a sort of reminder..
that life will keep on moving and will not wait for you.
Whether you want it or not, you'll get older..
and when the time comes, you'll leave this world..

"Lord, guide us to the right path, the path of those to whom You have granted blessings, those who are neither subject to Your anger nor have gone astray."
(Al-fatihah : 6-7)
Lastly, thank you my lovely friends!!
Thank you all! yes, you too!
I love you for the sake of Allah..
Assalamualaikum.. the D :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The D- Day - SPM rESULT

Tahniah to all, whatever the results turned out to be, ini masanya utk duduk merenung jauh ke dalam diri, fikir what we want to emerge into 5 yrs from now, hibernate n be a nobody or beranikan diri
mengorak langkah mencuba yg x pasti dengan penuh yakin dan bertukar menjadi rama-
rama yg mewarnai hidup ini,

Jgn menyendiri n nak menyesali di kala ini, cari kengkawan, cari informasi, tanya pendapat ayah mak, abg, kakak, saudara mara agar buat pilihan tepat, kalau result x begitu menggalakkan utk ambil jurusan yg kita minat, open up yr mind for other options atau ambil jln yg lambat skit utk ke sana i.e, maybe, ambik cert dulu, pas tu diploma, pas tu baru degree..

Kalau minat business, persiapkan diri jadi usahawan, skrg ada giat mara kolej komuniti, ilp, poli, ikm n byk lg, belajar part-timepun boleh, join pasukan beruniform pun menarik gak...yg penting, jgn berpaling ke blkg and JGN GIVE UP...persiapkanlah diri utk jadi Khalifah di bumi Allah ini, ok. Take care

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomorrow is The D-Day


Kalau aim/target susah nak

Kalau wish/hope nak
straight a's 4 sure...

Tomorrow is The D-Day...
All, Please Pray For Me...